I think not. America has been trying to resolve the brutal divisions created by its tragic civil war for 155 years - a fraction of time in history, during a worldwide period of accelerated technological, cultural and societal change that has made adaptaion and tolerance hard and confusion for all. They are a huge populace, a multitude of voices with a divisive history to reconcile. Our country, Canada, is only 153 years old, a tenth the size in population and spread, for the most part, across a thin ribbon north of the border. I think, as a result, Canada has lucked out because it has not encountered the same scope of upheaval. And our smaller, quiet history also helps. We have so many positive traits, brilliance, compassion and tolerance yet also a terminal inferiority complex, especially when it comes to to Americans. Racial and economic disparity is a blight here and we should feel shame for it. We have treated our First Nations people horrifically. So, I am not smug. Yet even though I pity and fear for Americans, I hope something in their collective spirit, their in-your-face expressiveness and sometimes loud and annoying guts, will lead positive change to prevail - eventually. This is my best hope.

I’ve been a poet since I was five. Then after university, I worked at the Toronto Star as a journalist, editor, and public editor. Happier now, I write poetry.

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