Thanks. My dad was a musician and, as a kid, I grew up with musicians rehearsing and playing in the kitchen in winter, or playing on the patio outside in summer. He wrote the music, my mom, the lyrics. My brother is a musician as is one of my sons. When my son was 12, his band got kicked out of Nestor the bass player's garage after they went electric. Then for seven years I became den mom to a whack of teenaged boys who rehearsed in the basement. For a time, they had 13 in their ska band because of all the horn players! My son and three of the originals are still together playing, creating and touring (up until COVID at least) as the band PUP. If you listen to them on Spotify you will get how loud they were and still are. I recall days I'd flee to the third floor to hear myself think. We had a laundry chute (it was an older home) and I'd lower snacks and cans of soda tied to a rope all the way down from the third floor to the basement to feed them (LOL!)

I’ve been a poet since I was five. Then after university, I worked at the Toronto Star as a journalist, editor, and public editor. Happier now, I write poetry.

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